Southern Ethiopia 


Changing Children’s Lives in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, millions of children live in poverty and lack basic access to one or more life necessities such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare. Many live in rural areas dependent on agriculture and are often impacted by catastrophic climate events. 


In Southern Ethiopia in a town called Yirgalem, poverty is widespread, with much of the population living in mud houses. Large families living  in cramped quarters with limited resources means many children are driven to seek survival in the streets, particularly in cases where a parent has died. 




Donate to Dream Makers Projects in Ethiopia

Street Children Rehabilitation Center


This program identifies sponsors who can cover the costs of housing children in the Dream Makers Habitat Center, providing meals, and enabling school attendance. This program has the potential to transform the lives of many children in the community by providing room, board and education to street children and educational and library access to vulnerable children in rural communities. 

Youth Empowerment


Help vulnerable youths in the community who have dropped out of school and are at risk for homelessness, addiction and criminal activity. It provides technical and vocational education and helps place youth in skilled jobs such as drivers and barbers. The hope is to empower these youths to become an income-generating generation and break the cycle of poverty. 

School Sponsorship


While education is vitally important to the success of this community’s youth, some students hit a roadblock when they can’t pass the national exams in  8th, 10th or 12th grade. Many of these students have no other resources to turn to and give up on life, often committing suicide. Dream Makers hopes to avert this tragedy by providing hope as well as access to private education for these students. It is crucial for them to know that God will never give up on them.

Medical Program


While families in our community do have access to a health center, they often can’t afford the medicines or treatments prescribed and do not complete the necessary care. 

This program will maintain a fund to supplement the health care of those in the community and when necessary, help provide access to specialty care at larger facilities in Yirgalem, Hawassa or Addis Ababa. The program is particularly necessary to support the health care of women, the elderly and families.



Dream Makers Team