Southern Kenya

Maasai Community

Changing Children’s Lives in Kenya

Kenya is a land of diverse geographical features,
environmental conditions and racial, cultural and economic backgrounds. Pastoralists have born the brunt of marginalization through lack of clean water, good schools and health facilities, as well as government policy that works against them, limiting their livestock and ability to find fresh grazing grounds.


Mando works in arid and semi-arid regions inhabited by more than 80,000 Maasai who practice transhumance pastoralism (moving livestock from one grazing ground to another). The area is prone to severe drought with ensuing famine with devastating effects on livelihoods.



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Nkuyan school lunch program


Provide nutritious meals to children who often must walk several miles to school. With nothing but a cup or two of milk to sustain them, most would miss classes and migrate with the livestock in search of water and green grass, a problem exacerbated by drought conditions. 

Solar powered water pump


Empower the community to drill a well and pump water using solar power. This would improve health and food security with drinking water in homes and piped to the Enkoireroi primary school. If there is sufficient water, it could also irrigate a five-acre plot of land purchased by the community for growing food.

School Computer Lab


This vocational training school is for youth who missed the opportunity to either become traditional herders or professionals or both. We are currently looking for more computers needed to reach more young people yearning for knowledge in IT.

Silan Safe House for Girls


The Silan safehouse is a transitional shelter to provide protection against or recovery from girls rescued from female genital mutilation. Silan underscores Mando's belief that the education and empowerment of girls and women creates vibrant, thriving communities. 



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