Changing Children’s

Lives in Ethiopia

Our Mission


We empower the most vulnerable children to break the cycle of poverty in Africa by providing
access to food, shelter, education, skills, and opportunities.



Street Children and Orphan Care


Support the orphans and the most vulnerable children from accessing basic needs




Education and Life Skills


Empower the children and youth through education and life skills training to break the cycle of poverty



Community Development


Strengthen the community through providing businesses and resources 



Maasai Community, Kenya


Mando Water Project

Want to invest in clean water for people living in the Maasai Community in Kenya? Every $8 spent on water and sanitation saves the life of a child in need. Together, we can stop the loss of work and school days by providing lifesaving clean water and preventing all the diseases these Maasai families face each year. 


  • Improve community standard of living through provision of clean, accessible and reliable water from a borehole
  • Train local residents how to operate and maintain the new water systems
  • Provide education on keeping water safe, basic sanitation and environmental protection of the water source

News and Stories from Africa



Dawit's Dream for the Future


A small, rural town called Yirgalem lies in the heart of Southern Ethiopia, and is home to a 17 year old aspiring scientist named Dawit. 



Nykuyen School Lunch Program 


When was the last time you were so hungry you couldn’t think straight? For the average child in the southern Rift Valley of Kenya



Transform Children's Lives in Ethiopia


Want to give meaningful gifts to transform children’s lives? When you give an Income-generating Gift with Dream for the Future,