Helping Ethiopia: Dream Makers Center Purchase Day

Thanks to its partnership with Dream Makers, a local NGO in Ethiopia, Dream for the Future has begun work to set up a habitat center for street children in Southern Ethiopia in the town Yirgalem, where Dream Makers operates. Poverty in Ethiopia is widespread, and Yirgalem is no exception. A UNICEF report estimates that approximately 36 million children of the 41 million children under age 18 in the country face multidimensional poverty that deprives them of basic survival necessities and services.

Cramped living quarters, a lack of food, and death of parents, among other factors, has led many children to live on the streets. To help combat this rising issue of homelessness among youth, Dream Makers works to provide these street children with basic needs such as shelter, food, and education. To help in this work, Dream for the Future has been assisting with the procurement and delivery of supplies to the Center and continues to work closely with various partners to ensure lasting success and support for children in the area.

In February 2021, Dawit, youth supported by the Dream Makers Center and Dream for the Future’s partnership, met with Dream Makers founder Yared and Asnake to purchase necessary supplies. 

On the first day of purchasing, Dawit and Yared first stopped at the shop of Mr. Habite who explained that the completion of the 10 beds they requested would take approximately 20 days, but after the need was explained, Mr. Habite agreed to complete the order within 14 days. Because the bunk beds would be customized, three of the boys who would receive the beds later went to the shop to discuss measurements. Mr. Habite’s shop also provided sleeping supplies such as mattresses, blankets, and pillows for purchase to complete the bed sets for the 10 children.  

The procurement of items took an entire week, resulting in the purchasing of many necessities including: firewood to cook, floor mats, kitchen tools, bags of food (tea, rice, flour, etc.), cooking oil, a dual stove, desks, and a bookshelf for the Dream Makers Center, among other items. 



Multiple children supported by the Center assisted in the success of the 7 days of procurement, and while moving from shop to shop, they traveled by motorbikes, by car, and by foot. Dawit also assisted by taking photos at shops and keeping notes on purchased goods. Items were delivered to the Center by donkey cart. 

The success of the Dream Center and the youth it supports is made possible by donations and the purchasing of these goods.

Thanks to the work of those involved, 10 children will now have beds of their own and all youth at the center will benefit from the cooking tools and food purchased.


Written by: Jessica McDermott

Jessica McDermott is passionate about environmental and racial justice and immigrant rights. She received her M.F.A. in creative nonfiction writing from the University of Idaho where she also ran a refugee support group. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and camping, cooking, and traveling.