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  • In Ethiopia, millions of children live in poverty and lack basic access to one or more life necessities such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare. Many live in rural areas dependent on agriculture and are often impacted by catastrophic climate events.

  • A small, rural town called Yirgalem lies in the heart of Southern Ethiopia, and is home to a 17 year old aspiring scientist named Dawit. Dawit’s journey has been nothing short of laborious. His father is no longer in the picture and his mother, deeply affected with mental illness, lacks the necessary healthcare and resources to provide for her family.

  • DFTF’s first E-Learning Lab has installed at Rehobot School in the Sidama Region of Ethiopia. DFTF partnered with Computer Aid International in UK to provide 22 laptops, 1 projector, 1 printer, desks and chairs, speakers, and a RACHEL server (Digital Library) was supplied to enhance ICT training in the rural area.