Empowering Women through Food Distribution Program

The impacts of COVID-19 have turned a situation into an emergency for many families in Ethiopia. Dream for the Future with its local partner Talita Rise-Up, are continuously providing an immediate food support to families greatly affected by the pandemic.

Last month, Dream for the Future began distributing bags filled with flour, maize, sugar, and soaps to 40 families in the rural town of Ethiopia.


Aberash is one of the mothers who benefits from the food distribution program. Yonas, her husband has left a job of pushing the cart due to the economy effect of COVID-19 in the town. “I don’t know what I’d do without this distribution.” Aberash says. “When I get the food support from Talita-Rise Up then I can provide for my family. We can sleep without going hungry for weeks.” 


Marta is one of the women who is waiting in line. “I am thankful to be invited on the family support day today,” she says. “I left my job of baking and selling Injera due to COVID-19, and I wasn’t able to provide for my children and me. When I buy bananas for 12 cents then my children and I eat one banana in the morning and the rest of the bananas at night. From today, I have a hope for a better life. I am very thankful for everyone who is supporting this food distribution program. I want to say may you live long, healthy, and happy life!” She says, smiling on her wrinkled face.


Dream for the Future has partnered with Paypal Giving Fund to provide families in Ethiopia with food security during the COVID-19 crisis.

Your donations are truly making a difference in the lives of

children and families in Ethiopia.